Christmastime in London | 10 Seasonal Activities

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I cannot stop singing Silver Bells (in my head) when walking around the London. I feel like the city brings the lyrics to life… “City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dress in holiday style, in the air there’s a feeling of Christmas …“.The song was written about NYC but I really feel like London really is the best at Christmastime!

Here are just a few of the ways you can embrace the Christmas cheer!

  1. Leadenhall Market Christmas Tree Lighting (welcoming the Christmas season)
  2. Dennis Sever House Silent Night Tour (a glimpse into Christmas past)
  3. Royal Albert Hall Christmas Singalong (an evening of festive cheer)
  4. Covent Garden Shopping (and since its London, stop for a pint or a cup of punch at Mr. Fogg’s)
  5. Experiment with British Baking (Mince Pies recipe here)
  6. Visit Hogwarts in the Snow (who wouldn’t want to experiences Christmas at Hogwarts)
  7. Visit a Christmas Market Exmouth Market Xmas (a neighborhood celebration)
  8. Ice skate at the Tower of London or Somerset House (wintry vibes with a historic backdrop)
  9. Southbank Christmas Festival (sweet treats and mulled wine)
  10. Taste the flavors of the season at Taste of London (and perhaps pick up a few presents)

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